emClock Control Panel Software

emClock Control Panel Software provides a ranges of services to operate and monitor an emClock messaging system. Some of the features and specification of the emClock Control Panel software are listed here. Please Contact Us for additional information

emClock Control Panel Software — Secure, Powerful, and Easy to Use

The emClock solution is designed for campus and building notification. emClock provides accurate network time and reliable location specific messaging at an affordable price. The emClock products are durable, cost effective, inexpensive to install, easy to operate, and energy efficient. The features listed below were selected specifically to address the needs of this efficient campus and building notification system.

Power Over Ethernet(PoE) Saves Money

  • A PoE system is less expensive to install
    • AC power is not required at the emClock locations
    • Electricians are not required to install the PoE emClocks
  • IT staff can easily install emClocks
    • IT staff can pull the standard CAT-5 cable to install the units
  • Green Product:
    • The indoor emClocks draw less than 8 Watts making them very eco-friendly
  • Low Power Consumption Means Low Operating Cost
    • Configurable Sleep Mode is provided to lower energy use and costs even more

LED - Light Emitting Diodes

  • LEDs are extremely durable and bright
    • emClocks are easy to read from over 100 feet
  • LEDs have an expected lifetime of 100000 hours or more than 10 years of continual use
    • Time and text messaging use about 30% of the LEDs at any given moment
  • The emClock Sleep Mode feature can also be used to reduce the energy consumption increase product life.

Service Proven Through Experience

  • Over 8 years of production experience in a certified ISO 9001 factory
  • One international bank has deployed over 6700 units
  • Customers include:
    • Major US Universities
    • Secondary Schools
    • Medical Facilities
    • International Banks
    • Critical Industrial Applications

Network and PC Requirements

  • Win 7, Win 8
  • Standard TCP/IP network

emClock Control Panel Software Features

  • High Priority Emergency Message Features
    • Up to 200 characters per message
    • Overwrites Time or any active message
    • Optional Tone Alarm with any Message
    • Message Text Color Selection
    • Supports the use of emClock Groups
  • Low Priority Scheduled Messages to support operational needs
    • Up to 200 characters per message
    • Schedule Messages by day of the week or calendar date and time
    • Option to append current time to the end of any Scheduled Message
    • Optional Tone Alarm with any Message
    • Message Text Color Selection
    • Supports the use of emClock Groups
    • Supports a scheduled "Sleep Mode" for even greater energy and cost savings
  • Configurable emClock Groups for quick and easy messaging
    • emClock Groups are used to quickly address sets of emClocks
    • Groups work like email address groups to assist in organizing message destinations
    • Example Groups ( Smith Hall, All Lobbies, Math Department, West Campus Student Lounges etc)
    • An individual emClock can be a member of multiple Groups
  • Forty character emClock Descriptors or Names allow clear device identification
  • All messages can be up to 200 characters long
  • emClock Viewer feature shows active messaging or time on any emClock
  • Automatic event logging
    • All emClock activities are logged and time stamped
    • Logging feature supports comprehensive event review and audit trail analysis
    • Log files are automatically archived each month
  • Automatic configuration archiving
  • System configuration is automatically archived each month
  • System Status provides a quick summary of messaging and device connection status
  • Animated System Tray Icon and Pop-Up window informs user of messaging activity and device connectivity

emClock Control Panel Software

Powerful and Easy to Use Messaging Software

  • Operates as a Windows Service for continuous operation
  • Controls up to 1000 emClocks
  • Unlimited High priority Ad Hoc Emergency Messaging
  • Saved Emergency Messages for quick reliable response
  • Low Priority Scheduled Messages
  • Supports short or long text messages (up 200 characters per message)
  • Any message can sound a Tone Alarm to draw attention to the situation
  • emClock Groups for quick and easy addressing for lists of emClocks
  • Remote Interface options include: e2Campus, Amerialert, ADT Clear Warning, ADT C-CURE9000, SimplexGrinnell 4100u, UTC Edwards and more
  • Includes emClock Mobile Messenger, an Android App that allows your security staff campus wide access to your messaging system

Easy Operation

  • emClock Descriptions can be up to 40 characters long for easy identification of individual emClocks
  • Automatic device monitoring and status reporting
  • "emClock Viewer" shows the current messaging or time presentation on any emClock

Use Existing Time Sources

  • Time synchronization from any network or internet time source
  • Selectable time formats [2:30] [2:30 PM] [14:20]
  • Time color option (Red, Green and Yellow)

Full Event Logging and Reporting Capabilities

  • Connection monitoring and emClock connection status reporting
  • Automatic Event Logging with Time Stamps for event audit trail analysis
  • Automatic configuration archiving (Monthly)
  • Automatic Event Log archiving (Monthly)
  • Comprehensive System Status reporting
  • Animated System Tray icon and Pop-Up window notification of messaging activity and connection status
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