emClock Partners

The emClock Dealer Program is designed to support emClock product sales and service through distributors who have complementary technology or product experience in suitable vertical markets or geographical locations.

The emClock Technology Partner Program is available for product companies that are interested in expanding their products to include a visual extension through an automated interface to emClock.

Some of our Dealers and Technology Partners are listed below. For a full listing of emClock Technology Partners and emClock Dealers near you please Contact Us.


e2Campus is a unified emergency notification system that empowers schools to send time-sensitive messages to students, faculty, staff, visitors and parents - wherever they are located.


Graybar has specialized in supply chain management services and distribution of high-quality components, equipment and materials for the electrical and telecommunications industries for over 80 years. Graybar procures, warehouses, and delivers just about any kind of electrical or communications and data product, component, or related service to its customers.

Tyco Integrated Security

Is a leader in business and government security. TIS has a passion to protect and advance the security industry with intelligible and actionable emergency information to protect people, both indoors and out.


SimplexGrinnell provides a comprehensive array of fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, integrated security, sound and healthcare communications systems and services.

ADT Clear Warning

Wherever large populations work and gather, they can be safeguarded before, during,and after crisis situations using the integrated technology of ADT® Clear Warning&trade mass notification emergency communication system. ADT® Clear Warning&trade can provide intelligible and actionable emergency information to affected public, both indoors and out.

ADT Security

C-CURE 9000 provides the standard IT tools and innovative distributed architecture that elevates the security system as an important enabler to your business' success. C-CURE 9000 delivers convergence by bringing the best of physical and logical security together.

Hall Telecommunications Supply

Hall Telecommunications Supply is a leading Canadian wholesale distributor for connectivity products.


Omnilert is the Multimodal Mass Communications Network that enables the instant delivery of messages to mobile phones (SMS), traditional phones (voice), email, web pages, desktops, digital signage, PA systems, and other communication services.


Amerilert is a self-service mass notification system that allows organizations to send time-sensitive messages to large groups of people-wherever they are, instantly, effectively.

Status Solutions

Status Solutions provides situational awareness solutions with expertise in vertical markets such as senior housing, healthcare, education and government.

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