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emClocks are designed for building and campus security. They are highly visible mass notification devices that can address the specific needs of each location in your facility. There are two emClock models: an indoor model that uses the Power over Ethernet (PoE) and an outdoor model for use in protected areas like covered walkways or parking garages. Please Contact Us for additional information.

Efficient and Durable Mass Notification and Network Clock Technology

The emClock solution is designed for campus and building notification. emClock provides accurate network time and reliable location specific messaging at an affordable price. The emClock products are durable, cost effective, inexpensive to install, easy to operate, and energy efficient. The features listed below were selected specifically to address the needs of this efficient campus and building notification system.

LED - Light Emitting Diodes

  • LEDs are extremely durable and bright
    • emClocks are easy to read from over 100 feet
  • LEDs have an expected lifetime of 100000 hours or more than 10 years of continual use
    • Time and text messaging use about 30% of the LEDs at any given moment
  • The emClock Sleep Mode feature can also be used to reduce the energy consumption increase product life.

Service Proven Through Experience

  • Over 8 years of production experience in a certified ISO 9001 factory
  • One international bank has deployed over 6700 units
  • Customers include:
    • Major US Universities
    • Secondary Schools
    • Medical Facilities
    • International Banks
    • Critical Industrial Applications

Network and PC Requirements

  • Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
  • Standard TCP/IP network

Campus and Building Mass Notification

The emClock product line was designed in response to the growing need for location specific messaging in buildings and on all types of campuses. Messages have to be delivered promptly and be relevant at each location. Dependable messaging is needed inside buildings and outdoors in protected locations like covered walkways and parking garages.

The emClock Solution

Wall clocks are placed in highly visible locations in almost all public spaces. emClock leverages the location and the attention paid to wall clocks to deliver a simple to use messaging system in a wall clock form factor. An emClock system is designed to address the time presentation and mass notification needs of any organization. These needs include both emergency messaging and lower priority informational messaging. The emClock solution has two components; the Indoor and Outdoor emClocks.

Features of the emClock Network Clock Product Line

  • Accurate network time presentation
  • Time synchronization from any network time source
  • Three time formats are supported on all emClocks
    • 12 hour with AM/PM [ 2:30 PM ]
    • 12 hour without AM/PM [ 2:30 ]
    • 24 hour [ 14:30 ]
  • Internal battery maintains time and active messages for up to a year when powered down
  • Built in speaker supports optional Tone Alarm for any message
  • Metal enclosures and glare resistant lenses make emClock durable and easy to maintain
  • Bright LEDs with smooth and clear presentation for easy reading of longer messages
  • Compact but easy to read from a distance
  • Designed to fit into most any space
  • Full 2.1 inch character height
  • Easy to read from over 100 feet

Outdoor Model

Outdoor AC Power emClock

  • AC Power design for bright locations
  • Designed for protected areas like covered walkways or entranceways
  • Bright LEDs for easy reading in indirect or direct sunlight
  • Sealed metal enclosure
  • Long life tri-color LEDs (red, green yellow) for easy viewing even in bright locations
  • Wide coverage area - visible from over 100 feet

Powerful Messaging Features

  • Messages can be up to 200 characters long
  • Unlimited Ad Hoc Emergency Messaging
  • Stored Emergency Messages for Rapid Response
  • Scheduled Messages to support operational needs
  • Built-in Tone Alarm can be used to draw attention to any message
  • Integration options include RSS Feed and HTTP

Flexible Time Presentation

  • Three time formats [2:30] [2:30 PM] [14:20]
  • Battery keeps time and last message for up to one year without external power

Ready for Your Network

  • Supports both Static and Dynamic DHCP Assigned IP Addresses
  • WiFi supported
  • Automatic emClock discovery for easy identification
  • Password protected device configuration for easy and secure setup

Solid and Certified

  • Protective anti-glare lens for maximum durability, visibility and maintenance
  • Solid metal body for the most demanding applications
  • CE Mark
  • FCC Part 15 Class B
Download Outdoor emClock Data Sheet

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