PoE Messaging LED clock

Network Time

emClock presents your network time throughout your facility. Displaying your network time means that staff, students, and visitors will see the same time used by all your security devices, like CCTV and Access Control systems.

Power Over Ethernet Clock

Emergency Messaging

emClock presents immediate, location specific messaging throughout you facility. Each emClock can display a message that is relevant for its location. All message activity is automatically logged for audit trail review.

Display and control important information

More than just sleek time keepers, emClocks can display Emergency Messages or lower priority scheduled messages on individual emClocks or on groups of emClocks. Messages can also be "sourced" from other emergency messaging systems like e2Campus SMS messaging service. Click Here for more information on emClock's message management features.

Rapid Emergency Notification

emClocks provide emergency messaging at the click of a mouse or remotely with the emClock App. The real value of an emClock is the ability to convey important, potentially lifesaving information instantly. The ability to present different messages on different emClocks enables you to present the right information at the right location, at the right time.

Simple and Reliable Technology

emClocks use Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, making them a snap to install and inexpensive to operate. The LED display has the brilliance to shine through limited smoke and dust to present persistent critical messages during an emergency.

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